EEX Group launches THE Futures

DPFC-PEGAS-THE-FINANCIAL (orange) and DPFC-PEGAS-NCG (blue) of 12.07.2021 in comparison


With the launch of Financial settled Gas Futures for the market areas Dutch TTF, Austrian CEGH and German THE by the EEX on June the 28th (EEX Group News), for the first time Futures for the jointed German gas market area Trading Hub Europe (THE) are available.


price[it] will take this as an opportunity to offer a forward curve for the THE market area: DPFC-PEGAS-THE-FINANCIAL

  • Like the THE Financial settled Gas Futures of EEX itself, this curve will refer to the underlying European Gas Spot Index (EGSI) for the market area NetConnect Germany (NCG).
    • EGSI NCG will be renamed with the start of the new market area THE on 1st October 2021 - analogously to the physically settled NCG Gas Futures.
  • price[it] customers with subscription of our dataservices GAS-PEGAS-NCG-DPFC and/or GAS-PEGAS-GPL-DPFC, can subscribe to the new dataservice GAS-EEX-THE-FINANCIAL-DPFC in addition to the ongoing delivery for test reasons.
  • All others can register for a free trial, to check out our new gas curve and compare it in particular with the development of the physical underlayed curves DPFC-PEGAS-NCG (from 01.10.2021: DPFC-PEGAS-THE-PHYSICAL) and DPFC-PEGAS-GPL.

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