Gas-PFC for Trading Hub Europe

The countdown is running: New market area THE will start in less than one year

1st October 2021 is known as starting date of the joint German gas market area Trading Hub Europe (THE) for a long time. The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has therefore announced that it will start trading THE futures within NCG order books right now. Price[it] is also taking this as trigger to accelerate preparations for the introduction of a price forward curve (PFC) for THE.

We will launch a PFC for the new market area EEX THE at the latest at the beginning of the publication of price quotations. price[it] customers with existing PFC data service GAS-EEX-NCG-DPFC and/or GAS-EEX-GPL-DPFC will then also be given the opportunity to change or expand their data service to include GAS-EEX-THE-DPFC.

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