New european forward curves

New curves for power markets

For many years we have been offering a PFC for the Nordic System price. We have finally extended this with PFCs for all Nordic and Baltic price zones:

  • Denmark: DK1 (Århus), DK2 (Copenhagen)
  • Finland: FI
  • Norway: NO1 (Oslo), NO2 (Kristiansand), NO3 (Molde, Trondheim), NO4 (Tromsø), NO5 (Bergen)
  • Sweden: SE1 (Luleå), SE2 (Sundsvall), SE3 (Stockholm), SE4 (Nybro)
  • Baltic countries: EE, LT, LV


New curves for gas markets

We have also implemented further important European gas hubs:

  • France: Points d'Echange de Gaz (PEG)
  • Belgium: Zeeburgge Trading Point (ZTP)
  • Austria: Central European Gas Hub (CEGH)
Overview of all European energy markets for which price[it] offers PFCs (green)

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