Data service
Price forward curve

One focus of our services is the reliable supply of our customers with high-quality PFCs as data service. Use our service to have PFCs at your disposal at any time without effort. All information is created with our professional tools and thoroughly checked for accuracy. This professional service is rounded off by a sophisticated data supply system and an expertly supervised process flow.

Forward Curves for EEX Futures market Phelix-DE

Distribution of PFCs every trading day of the EEX at 10pm:

  • POWER-EEX-PHELIX-DE-ID15-QPFC-green (15min resolution)
  • POWER-EEX-PHELIX-DE-ID15-QPFC-grey (15 min resolution)
  • POWER-EEX-PHELIX-DE-HPFC-green (hourly resolution)
  • POWER-EEX-PHELIX-DE-HPFC-grey (hourly resolution)
    • Supply: at 9am, 12pm and 3pm each trading day
    • Variants: ASK, BID, MID
    • Resolution: hourly

Forward Curves for european power markets

Forward Curves in hourly resolution, supplied each trading day at 10pm (Exchange EEX) or at 4am on the following day (Exchange ICE, NPE and TGE)

  • D-A-CH:
  • Nordic:
    • POWER-EEX-NORDIC-HPFC (system price SYS)
  • Western Europe:
    • POWER-EEX-ITALIAN-HPFC (PUN, national unit price)
  • Central and South-Eastern Europe (CSEE):

Forward Curves for price zones

Besides the forward curve for the NPE system price we offer PFCs for all Nordic and Baltic price zones:

  • Denmark: DK1 (Århus), DK2 (Copenhagen)
  • Finland: FI
  • Norway: NO1 (Oslo), NO2 (Kristiansand), NO3 (Molde, Trondheim), NO4 (Tromsø), NO5 (Bergen)
  • Sweden: SE1 (Luleå), SE2 (Sundsvall), SE3 (Stockholm), SE4 (Nybro)
  • Baltic countries: EE, LT, LV

In addition to the forward curve for the national unit price (PUN) of GME, we also offer PFCs for all Italian price zones of GME:

  • NORD: Northern
  • CNOR: Central-Northern Italy
  • CSUD: Central-Southern Italy
  • SUD: Southern Italy
  • CALA: Calabria
  • SICI: Sicilia
  • SARD: Sardegna

Gas Forward Curves

For many European gas hubs we got Forward Curves in our portfolio:

  • Germany: Trading Hub Europe (THE)
    • GAS-PEGAS-THE-DPFC (based upon PEGAS THE Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
    • GAS-PEGAS-THE-EGSI-DPFC (based upon EEX THE EGSI Natural Gas Future)
  • France: Point d’échange de gaz (PEG)
    • GAS-PEGAS-PEG-DPFC (based upon PEGAS PEG Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
  • Austria: Central European Gas Hub (CEGH)
    • GAS-PEGAS-CEGH-DPFC (based upon PEGAS CEGH Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
    • GAS-PEGAS-CEGH-EGSI-DPFC (based upon EEX CEGH EGSI Natural Gas Future)
  • Netherlands: Title Transfer Facility (TTF)
    • GAS-ICE-TTF-DPFC (based upon Dutch TTF Gas Futures of the ICE Endex)
    • GAS-PEGAS-TTF-DPFC (based upon PEGAS TTF Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
    • GAS-PEGAS-TTF-EGSI-DPFC (based upon EEX TTF EGSI Natural Gas Future)
  • Belgium: Zeebrugge Trading Point (ZTP)
    • GAS-PEGAS-ZTP-DPFC (based upon PEGAS ZTP Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
  • United Kingdom: National Balancing Point (NBP)
    • GAS-ICE-NBP-DPFC (based upon UK Natural Gas Futures of the ICE Futures Europe)
    • GAS-PEGAS-NBP-DPFC (based upon PEGAS NBP Natural Gas Futures of the EEX)
  • UK: GAS-ICE-NBP-DPFC (National Balancing point)

Forward Curves for other Commodities

  • Coal: COAL-NDX-ARA-DPFC (daily resolution, supplied each trading day at 4am)
  • CO2: CO2-EEX-EUA-DPFC (daily resolution, supplied each trading day at 10pm)

Overview of delivery options:

  • file formats: xlsx, csv or by agreement
  • transmission options: eMail, FTP, S-FTP, WEB-Download
  • file structure: according to customer specification
  • delivery modes: trading day, weekly, monthly, on demand